Unconditional Love

Love for someone should never be conditional. It should be approached with integrity and wholeheartedness. When we are compassionate towards others our compassion should be permanent via our heart. We should not base our love for someone based on whether their love is reciprocal for us. We should do otherwise.

Just as God loves us without judgment, we should do the same with our family, friends, acquaintances, or anybody. Even when we are betrayed by a friend or acquaintance our love should remain because we are beings of God and should behave in the same manner as Him.

Unconditional love is a form of unselfishness, which is an excellent trait to have when we love. It is not necessary to expect love from those we love. Loving without question only strengthens our heart.

To love is to honor God and receive only blessings from the act itself. God created love for us to love one another channeled through him. By His grace we can love “perfectly” through our own imperfections. We should live by the standards of unconditional love and strive to create a harmonious world.


by Sonja Mattison  

Sonja Mattison currently resides in Clarkston, Georgia. She is an inspirational writer and the author of Thoughts of Mattii40. She earned her Bachelor of Arts at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia.

Article Source: faithwriters.com-CHRISTIAN WRITERS

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