Following Jesus

The day after Christmas I do not know what swept my heart that I decided to re-explore by open the pages of my New Testament Bible. It was incoherently confusing for me as the why I ceased to go for another pages and fluid my eyes at the Epistle of Paul to Philipians. It is little out beat for my inner self to contemplate on one these, but the certain chapter at that Epistle, let me put it in this way. Philipians Chapter 2:5-9 made me think about Christ, which of course as young Christian, let alone an young boy, impromptu to laze around, until now.

To begin with, in this age of indifference, we are to think so much about the passion that Christ had. The path of suffering and death He walked in to satisfy His Father and the path that procured our redemption by making propitiation for our sin. But the passage I read made me realize that in all what He accomplished and the way he did it all, we all have an example to follow. Lord has said that we are new creatures, when we come to Christ. But the thing is when we become His, are we in our inner self confronted by the challenge in mind and spirit to follow his steps. Trying to do what he did to act the way He acted and think the way He thought. I am not saying that we can go to the world and pave the path of redemption for the people. What I am saying here is not for us to seek like he did to find our satisfaction outside selfish ambition in devoted service, in God glorifying reward. But the verses made me contemplate more closely on the aspects of Christ’s mind.

Why man falls into sin? He was tempted by satan to make himself like God. He wanted, he even dared to think that he would overthrow Lord from His own kingdom and assert his lordship. Was not Christ able to entertain all the ambition of man? Certainly was, as He was Mighty God and infinite being not a finite human. He could do whatever His mind wanted to do. But instead His mind did not act like that. “Though he was in the form of God, He did not count exactly with God a thing to be grasped” (Philppians:6) He chose to be the Son to please His father and to give Himself to do His will. In order to fulfill the wish of Father and save the world from sin He chose the path of submissive service. Christ Himself said that He came to “serve not to be served” (Mark 10:45). The most striking example of it was the incident where He washed the feet of His disciples.

At that time He said to them, “I have given you an example that you also should do as I have done,” (John 13:15), and He still says it to me and every other men who call themselves as the followers of Christ.

One of the aspects of Christ mind that I find awesome is that, He was obedient towards His father. So obedient that He gave Himself in utter self-humiliation to suffer shame and death. This is the path which He deliberately set Himself to tread. “He humbled Himself and became obedient unto death, even the death of Cross” Philippians 5:8

Finally, I would like to express myself realization that those who fully follow Him, who fully serve God’s will for man’s salvation, need to be possessed by the same mind and spirit. Just like apostle Paul who did not count his life dear and accomplished the ministry which he received from the Lord Jesus to testify the Gospel of God’s grace, we need to make sure that we do not run act of that intensity to serve Lord.


Prabhas Pradhan

Post Author: Grace Witness