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Eight Steps to Christian Maturity

Article by P.J. Tibayan Pastor, Bellflower, California   Church-movers are focused on making a difference in society — a real difference. We believe that if we move our church, we change the world. Why? Because the church changes people. And people, as ambassadors of Christ, shape our neighborhoods, cities, and nations. When I say “move your […]

Following Jesus

The day after Christmas I do not know what swept my heart that I decided to re-explore by open the pages of my New Testament Bible. It was incoherently confusing for me as the why I ceased to go for another pages and fluid my eyes at the Epistle of Paul to Philipians. It is […]

Music to my Mission

Our God truly is The Most High, most amazing and dare I say it – the most beautifully confusing at times! Who else would take me on an ’overseas mission’ to my own country… You may well ask, how can it be an overseas mission then, Aiysha? Two years ago, I was called to a […]