A Modern Christmas Carol

Author: Charlene Dickens Emory

Do you believe in Christmas?

Edna Scrooge doesn’t. She has made it her mission to end Christmas and make the world a better place. Fairy tales like Jesus’s birth offends her, and woe be to those who wish her a Merry Christmas. She will not rest until the mayor takes down the Christmas tree in his mansion’s front yard.
That is, until the ghost of her best friend Marlene Jacobs appears in her apartment one cold, lonely night. When the clock strikes one, three spirits will come to take her on a wild ride.
This holiday season, join Edna and the three Ghosts on their journey to discover why Christmas matters in the past, the present, the future, always and forever.
This is a definite read for anyone who has enjoyed the original Christmas Carol! This one has a modern twist and is told from Female lead. For those unfamiliar with the tale of Scrooge, or for the younger generations this is a definite holiday classic !

Post Author: Grace Witness